Mr. Shanes Restaurant

American fare restaurant and bar.

Mr. Shane’s Restaurant is located in the Best Western in Matamoras, PA. Located at the old Hunt’s Landing,  Mr. Shane’s is filling the shoes of this old school legacy establishment by offering an amazing menu which is a combination of comfort foods and elevated bar foods. We pride ourselves on using the best ingredients available and combining it with a seasoned kitchen staff as well as professional servers. The newly renovated dining areas add to the dining experience with many new delicious specials offered each week. We are open Wednesday thru Sunday for Lunch and dinner. Come check it out for yourselves or check out our recent reviews…

Located at Hunt's Landing (Best Western) in Matamoras, PA

Our Story begins 40 years ago at Johnson & Wales, where Sullivan County restaurant legend, Randy Resnick attended culinary school. Randy owned and operated multiple successful restaurants and catering operations including Lakeside 55, where he met his lovely wife, April. Together, they opened Bernie’s Holiday Restaurant, where they met the infamous “Mr. Shane” Phillipy. Mr. Shane, with his loyalty, honesty, integrity and work ethic, was quickly promoted to manager and one of the very friendly faces known by all who came in to dine. He is adored by all and after 10 years of being with The Resnick’s, they decided to name their newest place after this great guy, who is now a managing partner.

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Mr. Shane's Restaurant-Pork Chop Dinner
Sweet & Savory

16 oz. Maple Bourbon Glazed Pork Chop

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Dirty Shirley

Mr. Shane's Steamed Clams

Succulent & Aromatic

“My crew and I have eaten here more times than I can count. Service and drinks are top notch, but if you’re not ordering off the specials menu you are missing out. Shane is down to earth and there every time I’ve been there. Would highly recommend. Hidden gem..”

Nate Gagnon, Google Review

Outdoor seating

Located near the Delaware River

Situated within the Best Western in Matamoras, PA, Mr. Shane’s takes its place at the historic Hunt’s Landing. It steps into the role of a classic legacy establishment, presenting a remarkable menu that seamlessly blends comfort foods and elevated bar cuisine. Our commitment lies in using the finest available ingredients, complemented by an experienced kitchen staff and professional servers. The recently revamped dining areas enhance the overall experience, featuring a variety of delectable specials offered each week. Join us for lunch and dinner from Wednesday through Sunday to savor the experience firsthand. Come and discover it for yourselves, or peruse these recent reviews to get a taste of what awaits.

Mr Shanes Restaurant-Matamoras Outdoor river seating
Mr Shanes Restaurant Outdoor Seating